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Sand Play Therapy      
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 Sand Play Therapy
Feb. 2-5, 2017 CAN $680 + GST 24


Expressive Play Therapy, A Holistic and Integrative Approach
or equivalent

The approach to sand play taught and practised in this seminar was developed by Marie Josť Dhaese, as one of the many expressive play therapy methods used in the context of Holistic Expressive Play Therapy. It has now been shared and taught for over 25 years.
The content of each Sand Play Therapy seminar builds on the other; it is recommended they be taken in order.

Children's process and imagery will be addressed through viewing and discussing slides and/or video taped sessions in the mornings. Adult imagery and process will be addressed through viewing slides but mostly through demonstrations and/or debriefing of participant's imagery during the experiential in the afternoons.

This seminar takes place in Marie Josť's well equipped playroom; participants will thus have the opportunity to experience and use her collection of sand play figurines as well as the sand trays and storage units she has designed.


This 4-day seminar is intended for adult and/or child therapists who want to incorporate and/or further develop the use of Sand Play Therapy in their practice. It addresses the use of sand play therapy with all age groups from young children to the elderly and in different combinations (individuals, families, couples and groups).

Learning Objectives and Content:

  A Healing Journey for All Ages
Grand filial sand play therapy

• The origins and history of the use of the sandtray as a
    therapeutic tool and various approaches to sand play.

• History of the development of sand play therapy, as a Holistic Expressive Play Therapy method.

• The context within which sand play is used in a Holistic Expressive Play Therapy session.
• The therapeutic properties unique to Sand Play Therapy.
• Methodology, conducting a session.

• Setting up a Sand Play area in various settings and for different age groups.
• What to take note of while witnessing the image making process.

• The many ways Sand Play Therapy (dry sand, wet sand and water play) can be used to help children heal themselves while engaged in spontaneous play.

• View and discuss a videotaped session illustrating the development and creation of a spontaneous image as well as the following and tracking of process and content.

• When and how to use structured interventions:

- to engage older children
- to amplify the image
- to help contain disintegrated play
- to move past repetitive fighting stage and influence and imitation of video games

• Using Sand Play Therapy with families, adults, couples and groups (illustrated by slides).

The afternoons will be spent making, witnessing and exploring sand play images as related to the information discussed in the mornings.

Fee includes use of materials. Meals and accommodations are not provided.

Sand Play Therapy Seminars

Images of Healing in Sand Play Therapy

Sand Play Therapy Consultation

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The Centre for Expressive Therapy is accredited both by the Association for Play Therapy and the Canadian Association for Child and Play Therapy. Please visit their websites for more details as to their specific requirements.

APT Provider number (#95-010)
CACPT Provider number (#09-102)

*For those seeking CACPT certification – this course will go towards 12 hours of theory/approach and 12 hours techniques.*

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