Webinar: A Self-Care Retreat for Play Therapists


Date: To be announced
Participants: 12 Maximum
Cost: CAD$390.00 + GST
CEU Credits: 12

This two-day digital retreat for play therapists will focus on the issues of self-care and the need for ongoing self-renewal that is essential for us to maintain the stamina necessary to provide children and their families with a safe place to heal. This topic is all the more important with the challenges brought about by the extra demands placed on play therapists due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Learning Objectives
and Content:
  • Play Therapists will take stock of their present professional and personal situation (case load expectations, vicarious traumatization, toxicity of work environment, processing and addressing countertransference issues, life demands they are presently facing, etc.)
  • Participants will explore their physical, emotional, cognitive and spiritual needs and reflect on whether these are being met, while dealing with demands, challenges, and the long-term side effects of being a therapist.
  • Participants will design a self-care practice that will make it easier for them to take steps toward the most essential and pressing changes they might have identified, and thus find ways of maintaining the integrity and enjoyment of their work in spite of the challenges they might be facing.
  • This will be done through discussions, the use of imagery, metaphors, visualizations, and / or a variety of expressive therapies as practiced in Expressive Play Therapy.
  • Elements of the webinar will be highly interactive and supportive with opportunities for participants to collaborate and debrief in dyad and small group environments.
  • Ample time will be allotted for frequent breaks with respect for the limitations and stamina required for a digital environment.

The Centre for Expressive Therapy is accredited by the Association for Play Therapy (Provider #95-010), the BC Play Therapy Association (Provider #18-01), and the Canadian Association for Play Therapy (Provider #09-102).

Please visit their websites to learn more about their specific requirements.

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