Webinar: Expressive Play Therapy for Healing Complex Trauma


Date: May 14-16, 2021
Cost: CAD$585.00 + GST
CEU Credits: 18
Recommended Prerequisite: Expressive Play Therapy, A Holistic and Integrative Approach or equivalent

This three-day webinar is for practitioners who use play therapy with children who have experienced multiple traumatic events within the context of pervasive and severe maltreatment, including different forms of abuse (emotional, physical, sexual), neglect and witnessing domestic violence.

We will focus on using expressive play therapy methods to help such children deal with the emotional, cognitive and behavioral issues that bring them to therapy. In the process, we will explore the many ways of helping them find strength, begin to heal their wounds, and live more healthily in a reality that often cannot be changed.

Learning Objectives
and Content:
  • Theoretical principles of Holistic Expressive Play Therapy as related to the subject of complex trauma:
    • The crucial role of attachment and the effects of lack of, loss of and distortions of attachment caused by pervasive maltreatment.
    • The effects of various forms of abuse and neglect on the child’s development.
  • Theoretical principles underlying the use of expressive therapies with children who have suffered from interpersonal trauma.
  • Identify and address the therapeutic needs specific to abused and neglected children during a play therapy session.
  • Provide a reparative experience that addresses the child’s most basic needs, taking into account his/her emotional, cognitive and behavioural stage of development.
  • Use imagery and a variety of expressive play therapy methods to help maltreated children internalize a sense of safety and develop positive memories to draw upon when needed.
  • Expressive play therapy methods to help children safely deal with painful issues related to different forms of abuse illustrated by case examples.
  • Viewing and discussion of recorded sessions illustrating how a child who suffered from complex trauma used a play session to deal with such issues.

Each afternoon, participants will be given the opportunity to practice and further explore the use of expressive play therapy with maltreated children through experiential exercises and discussion of case concerns.

Fee includes certificate of attendance.

For participants wishing to count credits toward certification with CAPT or BCPTA, a successful student evaluation component in the form of an essay will be required. There will be an additional charge of $50 for this service.

The Centre for
Expressive Therapy

is accredited by the Canadian Association for Play Therapy (Provider #09-102) and the Association for Play Therapy (Provider #95-010).

Please visit their websites to learn more about their specific requirements.

* For those seeking certification with CAPT, this course equals three hours of theory / approach, three hours of techniques and 12 hours of special populations.
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