Expressive Play Therapy for the Grieving Child


Date: November 12-14, 2021
Cost: CAD$650.00 + GST
CEU Credits: 18
Recommended Prerequisite: Expressive Play Therapy, A Holistic and Integrative Approach or equivalent

This 3-day seminar is for practitioners who use play therapy with grieving children. The focus will be on using expressive play therapy methods with children who have suffered the loss of a primary caregiver or family member, whether it be a temporary or recurring loss such as separation, divorce, hospitalization, incarceration or a permanent loss due to death, adoption, foster care, immigration.

Learning Objectives
and Content:
  • Theoretical principles of Holistic Expressive Play Therapy as related to the subject of children suffering from grief and loss.
    • Consider the crucial role of attachment, the effects of the loss of a primary attachment on the child’s emotional well-being and the impact of unresolved grief on the ability to form satisfying relationships.
    • Review a theoretical framework of grief and the stages of the grieving process.
  • Discuss extra considerations that need to be addressed in the intake prior to starting the play therapy process, particularly in the case of children who have experienced complicated traumatic losses.
  • Discuss the needs of grieving children at each stage of their healing process and examine, through a slide presentation, the corresponding expressive play therapy methods that will be used to help such children deal with their issues.
  • View a slide presentation, which demonstrates the recurring images in the art, sand play and play of grieving children through the various stages of the play therapy process.

In the afternoons, participants will have the opportunity to experience and explore the image making process through the use of expressive play therapy media (such as art, sandplay, sewing, singing, storytelling) to address issues related to loss.

Fee includes certificate of attendance.

For participants wishing to count credits toward certification with CAPT or BCPTA, a successful student evaluation component in the form of an essay will be required. There will be an additional charge of $50 for this service.

The Centre for
Expressive Therapy

is accredited by the Canadian Association for Play Therapy (Provider #09-102) and the Association for Play Therapy (Provider #95-010).

Please visit their websites to learn more about their specific requirements.

* For those seeking certification with CAPT – this course will go towards 3 hours of theory / approach, 3 hours techniques and 12 hours special populations.
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