Seminars for Therapists
at the Centre for Expressive Therapy

The Centre for Expressive Therapy offers seminars for therapists wishing to incorporate Holistic Expressive Therapy into their practices or further develop its use. All courses are Master’s level or higher, and are taught by Marie José Dhaese, PhD, RCC, ATR, RPT-S, CPT-S.

This training teaches an approach to healing that is person-centered and always starts from the client’s primary need. The therapist both follows and guides the client’s process, introducing structured interventions as needed that combine the multi-sensory gifts of nature, bilateral body-centred exercises, imagery and a variety of expressive therapies.

Particular attention is paid to creating a healing environment which offers a wide variety of expressive therapies to facilitate symbolic expression and transformation and also provide ways of creating healing images that support the healing process.

The training offered at the Centre is not only a time of learning, but also a time for self-renewal. Participants have the opportunity to experience first-hand all that is being taught, whether it is the nurturing and healing environment of the playroom, the range of expressive therapies, or the opportunity to interact with Marie José’s co-therapists, standard poodles Dauphin and Gisèle.

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2019 Seminar Schedule
Addressing Transference and Counter-Transference in SupervisionJanuary 21, 2019
scheduled upon request
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Expressive Play Therapy for Healing Complex TraumaMarch 8-10, 2019Click for description
A Self-Care Retreat for TherapistsMay 3-5, 2019Click for description
Sand Play Therapy, A Healing Journey for All AgesAugust 13-16, 2019Click for description
Images of Healing in Sand Play TherapyOctober 18-20, 2019Click for description
Expressive Play Therapy for the Grieving ChildNovember 9-11, 2019Click for description
Expressive Play Therapy: A Holistic and Integrative be announcedClick for description
From Traumatic Play to Creative Play: A Holistic Approach to Healing Trauma be announcedClick for description
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