Webinar: Expressive Play Therapy - A Holistic and Integrative Approach


Date: January 23-24 & February 13-14, 2021
Cost: CAN$780 + GST
CEU Credits: 24

This 4-day webinar takes place over two separate weekends.

It provides a general introduction to Play Therapy, as well as a brief overview of the theoretical framework of Expressive Play Therapy and the various expressive methods available in a play session. It will also focus on the play therapy process in which participants will be given the opportunity to learn through viewing videotape excerpts of play therapy sessions as well as practice through role plays.

This webinar provides foundational knowledge for more advanced play therapy topics addressed in further webinars and seminars.

Learning Objectives
and Content:
  • Consider the function and description of children’s art and play through the developmental stages.
  • Discuss the history of and various approaches to Play Therapy.
  • Consider a brief overview of the basic principles Of Holistic Expressive Play Therapy:
    • Discuss the major components of the various methods available: Expressive Therapies, Milieu, Relationship and Family therapy.
    • Discuss the role each component plays in supporting and facilitating the self-healing process.

In the afternoons, participants will have the opportunity to gain a degree of personal comfort with art and play modalities through experiencing the image making process using non-directive and structured exercises.

During the remaining two days participants will:

  • Discuss the guiding principles of child-centered play therapy.
  • Examine practical concerns such as:
    • The intake process
    • Setting up a playroom
    • Structuring a session
    • Issues of permissiveness and limit setting
    • Introducing the child to the playroom
    • Note taking and assessment
  • View and discuss a videotaped session illustrating the lecture material.

In the afternoons participants will have the opportunity to practice establishing rapport with children through the language of play, using the reflecting technique, beginning to learn the basics of following and guiding.

Fee includes certificate of attendance.

For participants wishing to count credits toward certification with CAPT or BCPTA, a successful student evaluation component in the form of an essay will be required. There will be an additional charge of $50 for this service.

The Centre for
Expressive Therapy

is accredited by the Canadian Association for Play Therapy (Provider #09-102) and the Association for Play Therapy (Provider #95-010).

Please visit their websites to learn more about their specific requirements.

* For those seeking certification with CAPT – this course will go towards 18 hours of theory / approach and 6 hours of techniques
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