Therapy for Therapists

Therapy for Therapists
and Other Helping Professionals

Self-knowledge and self-healing are essential to your wellbeing as a therapist and to your personal and professional growth. Just like any other human being, therapists and other helping professionals have their own challenges, and sometimes need help and support.

Additionally, the vicarious trauma, the sense of overwhelm and the helplessness that can come with the profession, especially when working with children, can affect your emotional and physical wellbeing.

Marie José Dhaese offers counselling and healing retreats for therapists and other helping professionals based on the Expressive Play Therapy® approach. The goal is to give you the support you need to address your own personal issues, enabling you to gain the clarity required to help those who come to you for guidance.

What to Expect

Therapy sessions can involve traditional, person-centred verbal psychotherapy as well as symbolic expression and exploration through the use of visualization, metaphors and a variety of media (primarily art and sand play therapy). This helps unravel and process the issues that have been affecting you. You are encouraged to implement your discoveries into your daily life and develop a self-care practice that incorporates more of what brings you replenishment.

Therapy is an ongoing process and is most effective when it takes place on a regular basis, whether weekly or bi-weekly at first, then on a less frequent basis as progress is made.

Counselling can be conducted in French or English, with follow-ups and ongoing support by phone as needed.

If you live far away, a Healing Retreat, consisting of a set of daily therapy sessions followed by regular phone sessions is a possible option.

Self-Care Retreats for Therapists are also available. Learn more about Self-Care Retreats for Therapists.

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